Dropshipping Service


Did you know over half of Amazon sales are through 3rd Party Sellers?

The high street is moving online, be part of the expanding online market today and reduce your risks with our fantastic dropshipping service.

How does it work?

We stock badges, magnets, mugs, keyrings, keyring bottle openers, magnetic bottle openers, mirrors and pop up frames.

You put your designs across our range of 30 products with mocked up images of what the final product will look like.

Then open up an Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, Ebay shop or your own website.

When your products sell we produce the item and dispatch.
Your customers will never know as we can brand the invoices with your trading name.

What are the advantages?

  • Your start up costs are massively reduced

  • You never have to buy any stock or hold any stock

  • This is a fantastic opportunity for designers to minimise risk testing new designs

We will help you with every step of the business.

Services we offer:

  • Turn your designs into high definition mocked up retail images

  • Set prices that are competitive

  • Proofread and write content for your products

  • Training on how to set up an Etsy and Amazon store

  • Fancy your own ecommerce website? We can build that for you too.


Products Available



We offer 4 different sizes of badges. From discrete 38mm to Very Large 77mm.



Quality heavy ceramic mugs coming in two sizes and 6 different sizes.


Keyring Bottle Opener

These are solid sturdy bottle openers with a handy link chain and double as a large keyring also.


Magnetic Bottle Openers

These come in two large sizes and are solid steel heavy bottle openers that double as a large fridge magnet also.



We offer 2 sizes of keyrings and a variety of short, chain and mirror keyring.



Beautiful circular magnets in 4 different sizes from discrete 38mm to extra large 77mm.

thumbnail (10).jpg


Beautiful large circular glass mirrors with your image on the other side.

thumbnail (7).jpg

Pop Up Frames

These free standing versatile frames have a variety of uses and can be wall mounted too.